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Frumbjörg offers a multifaceted place for people with disabilities, entrepreneurs who are disabled, and people involved in health and welfare-related technologies to come together and work toward social innovation. The ultimate goal is to generate and help spread new solutions that improve the lives of people with disabilities and elderly persons. Frumbjörg also strives to strengthen the economy through increased participation in the Icelandic work-force while simultaneously improving quality of life and standards of living. The organization hopes to be a foundation from which innovation can grow to new heights.


Frumbjörg would not be able to continue to develop new ideas and projects without the work of its dedicated employees.  Each member commits their time and efforts to make sure that Frumbjörg operates smoothly and with the primary focus of improving the lives of others.


Utilizing unique ideas and personal experience can make strides toward improving the lives of people with disabilities and elderly persons.  Innovators can aid and improve the work being done at Frumbjörg, spreading awareness and inclusiveness across Iceland.


The work of Frumbjörg relies on collaboration, one of most important elements of innovation. This collaboration enlists a variety of partners willing to provide the center and its entrepreneurs with assistance in various fields.




Are you passionate about bettering the community?  Financial contributions help new ideas and ventures become reality.


Would you like to learn more about innovation and collaboration?  Join Frumbjörg’s team of innovators, volunteers, and interns to work closely with projects and events that can make a difference.


Check out some of the recent ventures Frumbjörg has been involved in developing and attending!


Innovation Day Press Release

Frumbjörg collaborated with students from the United States, debuting “The List,” an online platform to bring attention to issues that people with disabilities face in Iceland. Friday 6 January-Saturday 7 January 2017 – Reykjavík, Iceland – Inspired by ideas of social change and striving for community betterment, Frumbjörg held a 24-Hour Innovation Day. The event […]

Heroes Carry Paintbrushes

Sometimes we read a book or watch a movie and then we sit back, thinking about how much we admire the protagonist.  As someone who reads a lot of books, I’ve often thought about how amazing it would be if the candor and dedication of some of the most influential literary figures could be brought […]

Discover, Challenge, Develop: Make a Difference in the World

People frequently encounter moments where they would like to make a change, but feel they do not have the proper qualifications; their cleverness and motivation becomes clouded by personal doubt.  That person thinks: “Nobody would listen to me.  I’m sure there’s someone else who could come up with a better solution.” Self-limiting thoughts can snuff […]

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