Innovation Day Press Release

Frumbjörg collaborated with students from the United States, debuting “The List,” an online platform to bring attention to issues that people with disabilities face in Iceland.

Friday 6 January-Saturday 7 January 2017 – Reykjavík, Iceland – Inspired by ideas of social change and striving for community betterment, Frumbjörg held a 24-Hour Innovation Day. The event brought experts in the field together with community members to solve health and welfare-related issues through an innovative platform: “The List.”

The two-day event allowed members of the community to openly discuss problems and reach potential solutions for people with disabilities through a step-by-step process.  The List, Frumbjörg’s newest venture, gave the groups a clear and distinct way to solve problems.  The groups also learned about crowdfunding through Igni Rafn from the Karolina Fund and Harald Sverdrup from the University of Iceland. In less than two days, after many furrowed brows, and with a few permanent markers, the groups presented four distinct ideas to move toward change.

The List, an upcoming online platform, will provide people with a space to post their problems, invite people with experience to solve a problem, and gain funding through donors and sponsors.  Through each step on The List, the community can discover, challenge and develop ideas that will make a difference in the community.

Graduate students from Elon University helped launch The List at Frumbjörg’s Innovation Day.  By promoting Frumbjörg’s newest project, the students joined the effort to make a difference in Iceland. To find out more information about The List, please visit Startup Iceland.

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