Innovation Day

Innovation Day

Frumbjörg hosted its first Innovation Day on 6 January to 7 January of 2017.  The day was meant to imitate a “hackathon” type event, focused on bringing multiple people together to solve problems.  Specifically, Frumbjörg’s innovation day focused on solving problems in health and welfare-related fields.  The organization challenged individuals with the question: “what can you do in 24 hours?”  This innovation day will not be the only one that Frumbjörg plans to host; it has become the first of many future days.

The goal of Frumbjörg’s first innovation day was to begin bringing attention and awareness to health and welfare-related issues.  The day was created to foster an environment where individuals of all ages and professions to come together and start working toward solutions that could better the community.  During the first innovation day, attendees listened to two speakers talk about crowdfunding and they also witnessed a visit from the President of Iceland, Guðni Jóhannesson.

 Each person had access to a list of problems that were being faced in the community, such as: “how to find a solution for someone who is disabled to take off their pants?”  Individuals selected which problems they would like to work on, and then they broke up into groups to begin brainstorming potential solutions.  Food and drinks were provided, encouraging individuals to focus and continue working toward solving their problems.  Frumbjörg hopes to capture the same type of excitement and energy in future innovation days.  The trial run went well, and the President sees the strides being made, promising to make an effort to attend future events at Frumbjörg.  What was accomplished in 24 hours?  A lot of awareness and a lot of connections that will eventually work toward building stronger communities and solving more problems.  What will be accomplished in future days?  The possibilities are endless, so come see for yourself.  

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