The List

The List Project

What is “The List?”:

“The List” is a venture of Frumbjörg, inspired by its creator, Brandur Karlsson, and his personal philosophy.  Instead of complaining about problems that affect his life but cannot be solved, Brandur wills himself to find solutions, through any method he can.  In simple terms, the List is an online platform that provides a forum for open collaboration and ideation that leads to innovation.  The List should serve as a place for people who experience problems to come together with those who have the means to solve them.  In this open forum, the possibility to solve problems and truly innovate is much more realistic.  By inspiring conversation about many issues that he faced in the health and welfare-related sector, Brandur found that many problems he faced were also being experienced by others.  He hopes to enact his philosophy on a global scale, creating the List as a way for people to come together, taking conversation beyond its surface-level value to instead create solutions that will benefit society as a whole.


Process of the List:

The List follows four basic steps, encouraging a collaborative process to solve a problem.  First, the user can discover a list of community needs.  By browsing through the available issues to solve, or even adding their own, users can bring to light some of the most important problems that must be solved.  Next, a user can challenge a group of professionals.  Imagine a call to action.  A user could call upon a robotics specialist, an electrical engineer, or an occupational therapist to help work toward a solution.  Both the specialists and the activists can unite to start the ideation process.  Third, the user will develop the idea, either by working toward the creation of a prototype or by moving forward in a professional proposal.  Finally, users will learn that the List inspires call to action, these steps allow people to truly make a difference in the world around them and in the field of innovation.






Function of the List:

The List will offer numerous features and functions that add to the overall user experience.  Users will be able to scroll through existing problems or contribute their own problems to the online community of health and welfare-related issues.  While they are scrolling, users can “upvote” or “downvote” an issue, leading problems that users find to be more prominent to gain more traction.  All members of the community, from all backgrounds, can select problems and propose solutions.  The “message board” style will encourage conversations that can work through solutions. Finally, the List will provide an opportunity for donations and sponsorship, encouraging funding of the more developed ideas.  Through self-made teams of problem-solvers and sponsors, these issues can attract crowdfunding and become solvable problems.  The List encourages users from multiple backgrounds to discover, challenge, develop, and most of all, to make a difference.  


Innovation Days:

“The List” is not a concept that is restrained to an online platform.  Although its primary goal is to inspire visibility, making the web a perfect hub, the importance relies on the process.  Frumbjörg hosted an innovation day in January of 2017.  The goal was to begin the conversation surrounding health and welfare-related issues.  A few teams brought forth proposals for new applications to better the community, and others tried to work through simple day-to-day tasks that people with disabilities struggle to complete.  Each person in the room was striving to make a difference through these three steps: discover, challenge, develop.  In order to move forward with ideas of innovation and community betterment, individuals must step up to the challenge.  Frumbjörg plans to host future innovation days to show that the conversation does not only have to appear online.  The challenge is to come together as a community whether behind a screen or behind closed doors to begin coming up with solutions that will benefit not just the country, but the world.  Uniting under not just our similarities but also our differences will create a richer environment for innovation; each of our minds are unique, and together, we are truly unstoppable.


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