About Frumbjörg

Frumbjörg’s Mission

“Frumbjörg” translates to “primary rocks” in English, and this image fits its mission and its goals.  Frumbjörg was founded on the premise of social innovation, and it strives to cultivate a place and achieve a dream that no other space in Iceland has created.

 Specifically dealing with the health and welfare-related sectors, Frumbjörg offers a place for individuals to come together and feel as though they belong, offering a foundation for a future that everyone can work toward creating.   

The dream began in the fall of 2015, and the venture officially opened on 29 February 2016.  The center opened on the first floor of the building, Sjálfsbjargarhúsinu Hátún 12.  Originally, the founder hoped to obtain a larger office, but just like innovation, decided to start small with the hopes of eventually increasing presence, expanding within Sjálfsbjargarhúsinu Hátún.

. Numerous cooperations have been established with various parties, such as an alliance with the Innovation Centre of Iceland, Reykjavík University, Klak Innovit (Icelandic Startup), and Karolina Fund.  Through these partnerships and similar missions, Frumbjörg hopes to systematically enlist more partners, gaining proper attention funding and attention for their initiatives.

Frumbjörg was founded as an all-inclusive innovation space.  It was founded as a center for the best problem solvers to come together and make a difference in the world around them.  The center hosts facilities for people with disabilities as well as a space for entrepreneurs with disabilities.  In addition, people involved in health and welfare-related research, innovation, and technological fields are welcomed to help create a better future.  The opportunity for self-employment opens the doors for both individuals and for Iceland.  Frumbjörg offers the ability to strengthen the economy, boost community participation, and improve the standards of living and quality of life for people of all strengths and weaknesses.  By challenging entrepreneurs of all backgrounds to unite and make a difference, Frumbjörg creates the perfect foundation for innovation that will change the world.